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September 27, 2021

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Spots are still available for tomorrow’s NQDC Webinar. Sign up now.

Do you have questions about nonqualified deferred compensation plans (NQDC), how they work, and how they might benefit you, as an executive, or your organization?

You are invited to join Monte Harrick, Fulcrum Partners, Vice President Retirement, as he hosts an informal webinar designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about NQDC plans.

The no obligation, free NQDC webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, September 28 at 2 PM Eastern Time /11 AM PDT. Sign up is as easy as clicking monteharrick.oureliteexperience.com/BOPW0001 to reserve your spot.

The Challenges of Saving for Retirement

A nonqualified deferred compensation plan provides a tax-efficient way for organizations to strategically invest in the financial wellness of key workers who can be critical to the continuity and success of the organization’s goals.

American workers are projected to need 70 to 90 percent[i] of their preretirement income to maintain their current standard of living after they leave the workforce. But higher earning employees face a significant gap in what they can save under the limitations of a qualified plan and what they will need. Companies, as plan sponsors, are positioned to have a profound and beneficial impact on the capacity of highly compensated employees to save effectively for retirement or future goals.

If your organization is not taking advantage of the opportunities afforded through nonqualified deferred compensation plans, you have to question, “Why not?”

Join Monte Harrick tomorrow for Intro to NQDC Webinar. Learn how nonqualified deferred compensation plans benefit both employers and employees.

Register Now: monteharrick.oureliteexperience.com/BOPW0001

[i] https://money.cnn.com/retirement/guide/basics_basics.moneymag/index5.htm

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