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Non-Qualified Deferral Plans: Not Just for Large Companies

December 5, 2017

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How Small Companies Can Use Non-Qualified Deferral Plans to Attract and Retain Talent

“Can smaller companies take advantage of an NQDC plan to help them reward and recruit key employees?

The answer is Yes!”

Smaller organizations have many of the same challenges large companies have in attracting and retaining management talent. Even S-Corporations and LLCs, which have traditionally overlooked these types of programs are seeing the advantages of implementing them within their organizations.

The simplicity of implementation, ease of administration, and manageable cost attract smaller companies to NQDC plans. Other appealing plan features include:

  • The flexibility to randomly select which highly compensated employees will participate
  • The lack of 5500 filing or other cumbersome legal filing requirement
  • The capacity to implement a plan without significant cost

Non-Qualified Deferral Plans: Not Just for Large Companies

NQDC Fulcrum Partners LLC, Non-Qualified Deferral Plans

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Read the whitepaper by Fulcrum Partners Managing Director Monte Harrick to learn more. Click to download or view as a PDF.


More about Monte Harrick, Fulcrum Partners Los Angeles:


Consulting with large and small corporations in helping their key employees delay the taxation on compensation for as long as possible. Accomplishing this objective by assisting these companies in designing creative pre-tax and after-tax savings strategies that fit the culture and goals of the organization.

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  • Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, Bachelor of Arts, International Relations

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