Why Does Executive Benefit Benchmarking and Strategic Planning Matter So Very Much

Why Does Executive Benefit Benchmarking and Strategic Planning Matter So Very Much?

July 31, 2017
Fulcrum Partners

On the surface, two plans may appear equal.

Yet, when skillful executive benefits professionals analyze the plans, disparities become glaringly obvious. Cost to the company, reward to the executive, flexibility of benefits, and tax ramifications can vary drastically.

Plan sponsors typically work diligently to decrease the costs of qualified retirement plans, healthcare plans, and other welfare benefit offerings. But do you or your company apply the same level of scrutiny to your executive benefits strategies? Do you know how your plans measure up to your peer company benchmarks?

Executive benefit what would improving earnings per share do to your stock price?

The Power of Looking Behind the Curtain

When a company maximizes the effectiveness of its nonqualified deferred compensation strategy, it improves continuity, reduces vulnerability to talent loss, and increases earnings. Executives are positioned to achieve their personal financial goals and a meaningful partnership is built between key talent and the plan sponsor.

By choosing Fulcrum Partners to review your existing benefit plan, you incur zero cost for our services and we will not tie up your time and resources while doing our job.

You gain either the market advantage that comes with confidently knowing you have this aspect of your business under control, or the precise and powerful information you need to customize your executive benefit offerings, eliminate gaps, and realize your objectives going forward.

Contact Fulcrum Partners. You have so much to gain.


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