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Marc Cadin Named COO of AALU, America’s Leading Organization Life Insurance Professionals

November 2, 2016

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Fulcrum Partners News is pleased to share the following announcement from AALU. The organization’s announcement to the media can also be read on the AALU website.

Chief Executive Officer David Stertzer (AALU) announced the promotions of Marc Cadin and Chris Morton at the executive level.

AALU life insurance professionalsAALU CEO David Stertzer announced that Marc Cadin has been named AALU’s Chief Operating Officer. In his new role, Cadin is charged with ensuring that AALU members and key stakeholders receive a return on investment, return on objective, and a return on relationships as AALU pursues its new strategic direction to align the life insurance distribution community.

“While the life insurance community, and distribution in particular, face challenges, I am more certain than ever that the American people need more of the financial security and independence that our members provide,” said Stertzer. “Marc is the right person to help align our resources and lead our team so that life insurance-centric distribution can continue to be part of the solution for consumers.”

marc-cadin-aalu-life-insurance“I am thrilled to lead the next chapter of AALU’s development,” Cadin said. “With our excellent team, members, and volunteers, I know we will be able to achieve our mission to strengthen, grow, promote, and advocate for the life insurance industry and the 75 million American families it serves.”

Chris Morton, formerly AALU’s Vice President of Government Affairs and an AALU employee since 2009, has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Government Affairs. He will oversee the organization’s advocacy, engagement, and public policy initiatives.


About AALU Life Insurance Professionals

AALU is the leading organization life insurance professionals of who are a trusted voice on policy issues impacting Americans’ financial security and retirement savings. Its members are leaders in the life insurance community. AALU’s mission is to strengthen, grow, promote and advocate for the life insurance industry, ensuring a unified voice and a diverse membership.

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