Fulcrum Partners Help Build School in Rwanda

Fulcrum Partners Helps Build a School in Rwanda

August 18, 2015

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Fulcrum Partners Helps Build a School in Rwanda

John Gasangwa was a five-year-old child during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. His family, forced from their home, took refuge in a Ugandan camp. John explained, “During the Genocide, Rwanda was DARK … After the Genocide Rwanda chose to have hope and continue the process of healing, unity, and reconciliation and focusing on building a reconciled Rwanda with self-reliance for Rwanda.”

Today, John is a leader in helping Rwanda rebuild and heal. After earning a degree in Economics and Business Management from the Université Nationale du Rwanda and an MBA in Global Social Sustainable Enterprise from Colorado State University, John established ARM—Arise Rwanda Ministries.

Founded with a mission to bring education, clean water, and community development to the impoverished city of Boneza, Rwanda, Arise Rwanda is making a difference. Fulcrum Partners, with a donation of $10,000 for the construction of a secondary school in Boneza, is helping to make this meaningful change possible. Among the many significant accomplishments of Arise Rwanda Ministries are:

  • Eight water wells drilled to provide clean water to villagers with one of the wells further mechanized for expanded water distribution to additional families.
  • A 10,000-gallon water catchment system built on the island of Bugarura, located in Rwanda’s Lake Kivu.
  • The “Have a Cow” campaign, through which 70 cows have been delivered to families, helping to stabilize their finances and their futures.
  • Microfinance loans and business support administered through the local SACCO agency to community entrepreneurs. Seven Women’s Trust Groups started by ARM, bridging the gap to serve those too poor to qualify for even the ‘poorest of the poor’ MFI SACCO loans.
  • Six motor bikes donated to local pastors who share the use of the vehicles in their ministry outreach.
  • Five preschools and a daily Cup of Porridge Program, which reaches over 300 children between the ages of four and six established.

Kivu Hills Academy

Committed to the belief that education is fundamental for change and personal growth, the Managing Directors of Fulcrum Partners LLC targeted their donation to help make the construction of the first secondary vocational school in Boneza, Rwanda possible. The school, which will be known as Kivu Hills Academy, will fill a much-needed void, providing educational opportunities for students wanting to continue their academic and technical education beyond the eighth grade. (Read more about Fulcrum Partners’ involvement through the Valmark Global Gift Fund at Fulcrum Partners Inspire.)

Earlier this summer the cornerstone for the academy was laid. The school is being constructed on a beautiful hillside, Fulcrum Partners Help Build School in Rwandaoverlooking Lake Kivu, and is so enthusiastically supported  by the local community that residents came together and hand dug the road leading to the school—a project they accomplished in only one week.

Classroom construction is now underway with plans for the inaugural class to commence in January 2016. Kivu Hills’ first 30 students will help launch the school’s prototype Vocation of Construction curriculum. These students will be actively involved in the school’s Construction Phase 2, incorporating the process, planning and much of the construction labor as part of their curriculum.

Fulcrum Partners’ Managing Director, David Fisher and his wife, Jeanie, will be part of a team on hand in January to visit the school along with other project sites where ARM is helping to make a critical difference now and for Rwanda’s envisioned future.

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