Fulcrum Partners is Helping Build a Vocational School in Rwanda

December 16, 2014

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You could describe it as an opportunity to make a meaningful difference or the chance to help answer the question, when facing a child in the poverty of Rwanda, “What would you say to help him think God is good?”

When the team at Fulcrum Partners heard the story of how native Rwandan, John Gasangwa, has completed his education in the United States and then returned to help the people of Rwanda rebuild their country, we wanted to be part of what he was making happen. Working through the Valmark Global Gift Fund, we believe we are making a difference. Our $10,000 donation funds roughly ten percent of the cost to build a vocational high school in the Boneza, Rwanda community.

Forgiveness does not change the past; it inspires the future, and this is the powerful lesson the people of Rwanda are sharing with the world.

Please read the full content of our new release by clicking here: Fulcrum Partners Helps Build a Rwandan School through Valmark Global Gift Fund



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