Executive Benefits: If They Won’t Eat What You Are Feeding Them…

June 30, 2014

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Each month the executive benefits specialists at Fulcrum Partners authors a new article that is published in the Human Resources publication, “Exchange for People Strategy.” 

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Here’s an excerpt from our most recent article:

“What to do, what to do…? Your first instinct probably is to haul out the playbook and do what you have always done. In fact, your instinct very likely is to do what everyone has always done. You seek the latest benchmarking data because you want to be certain that salary, annual incentive and equity grants are competitive with your corporate comparator group. You can’t after all, invite people to leave your company by paying below median, can you? You are making the often-made assumption that as long as you pay what everyone else pays then the playing field is level. If only you could get the annual incentive targets right, you would solve the problem!”

The June article, written by Bruce Brownell of Fulcrum Partners Ponte Vedra Beach, appears in entirety below.

Bruce Brownell Article in Exchange for People Strategy June 2014 by Fulcrum Partners LLC

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